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Easy sample taking that you do at home, at least 99,5% accurate.
Home tests with DNA-analysis
Faster than health care but at least as safe.

    • Are your gastrointestinal problems caused by lactose intolerance?
    • What foods should you avoid?
    • Would your diet and nutrition improve by avoiding lactose?
    • Possibility for certification
    • Fast, safe and easy
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    • Simple sample taking that you do at home
    • Testresult within 3 weekdays.  
    • The test has a methodological accuracy of 99.5%
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    • One combination test for two sexually transmitted diseases
    • You easily test yourself at home for both mycoplasma and chlamydia
    • The two sexually transmitted diseases present similar symptoms but require different antibiotics
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How it works

Are you training for a bike race or a marathon?

Did you know that your muscle characteristics is, except for your training, affected by your genes? This means that if two persons with different genotypes exercise and eat exactly the same amount, will evolve muscles and presetation differently. Why?

Well, there's a gene ACTN3, who has control over an important building block found in fast and explosive muscle fibers. If this gene is inactive, it means that your muscles have more endurance custom profile and are better able to use oxygen in energy production. Something that is important when your muscles will work as long as in i.e cycling or marathon. Is it on the other side active, you have better conditions to build explosive muscle which is important in fast sports such as sprint intervals etc.

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Dynamic Code quality policy

At Dynamiccode.com we sell home tests. The home tests are based on DNA and protein technology. The sampling package is CE-labeled and the tests are analyzed in Dynamic Code´s accredited laboratory - completely anonymous.

Dynamic Code owns the complete chain from test development and production of sampling packets to the analysis and distribution of test results. This means that we can guarantee the highest quality and safety throughout all steps. All analyzes are done in Dynamic Code's own laboratory and everyone working have extensive experience in laboratory routine analyzes. To ensure maximum safety, we work according to a well-developed quality assurance system. We have full traceability of all analyzes, down to each individual sample.

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