About Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code is a Swedish company with operations based in Linköping. The business was founded in the fall of 2000 by Anne Kihlgren and Björn Rosén, both of whom have background in research and a great deal of experience with DNA analyses, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, including from the National Forensic Centre, NFC (former Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science, SKL) and the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (Rättsmedicinalverket (RMV). 

Dynamic Code’s driving force is to translate the latest research into products that contribute to increased well-being and better health. Our special expertise is to apply the latest scientific advances in DNA technology and other molecular biology research into useful products for consumers, municipalities, healthcare and companies. Dynamic Code develops simple and safe home tests and services for health and environment.  

Today, Dynamic Code is a modern health company that makes it easy for people to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being. We develop safe home tests based on DNA and protein technology, which give you valuable health and environment results. All of our tests and analyses are based on modern DNA technology, which is analyzed in our own, quality-assured laboratory. We have the entire chain, from test development and production of a sampling package to analysis and distribution of sample results. Our tests often give more accurate and faster results than health services, and the accuracy and clear information in our tests results is what makes us different from other actors.

Our goal is for our tests to provide more than a quick answer. We want to explain the answers and show the way to the right response or treatment after the test has been performed. With high methodological safety and through partnerships with healthcare providers our tests can be  the basis for e-prescriptions and medical advice.

The business strategy is to sell these tests and logistic solutions together or separated. Both through our own sales- and marketing communication and to find partnerships with partners who have a leading position with high credibility on a defined market.

Production area 

Dynamic Code offers its services and products in four product areas: 

  1. Health testing for humans. 

  2. Paternity and kinship analyses, as well as forensic DNA-analyses.

  3. Animal and breeding analyses.

  4. Indoor environment testing.

The driving force is that the services and products of Dynamic Code must replace the current ones with worse solutions or to fill a void in the market, that is to say, to meet a need or solve a problem that could not be solved properly in the past, and thereby contribute to greater well-being and better health.  

Leading actor 

Today we are a leader in our field, and we have many people to thank for that success. Strong, close relations with the partners and research expertise is crucial for us, and thus a constant goal of ours. 

There is a great interest in maintaining personal health and well-being today. Thanks to the DNA technology and basic quality and logistics work, there is a new a category of health test, or what we also call a self-test, at the pharmacy. You take the test home with you and send it to the laboratory, where it is analyzed. The test results are retrieved over the Web with a unique sample code. The response times for our test are from 24 hours up to 5 days from the time the sample arrives at our lab. 

Our health test is currently available at the pharmacy under different brand names: Apoteket, YesNo and our own Dynamic Code. 

We collaborate with Apoteket AB which sells our test under the brand name Apoteket. We also collaborate with Swereco Group AB, which distributes our health test to other pharmacies within Sweden, where the test is called YesNo test. The collaboration with Swereco AB also means that the YesNo test is available in the other Nordic countries.

In Denmark, you can already find our test in several Danish pharmacies through our collaboration with AcuPharma A/S. 

Competence and quality assurance of paternity and kinship analysis

An important part of our operations is the collaboration with Swedish municipalities on paternity testing. Since 2005 we have contracts with Social Services of Swedish Municipalities to perform paternity and kinship analyses. Currently we collaboration with both large and small municipalities. Dynamic Codes paternity/kinship test is approved for trial within the judicial system. We also collaborate with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet, UDI), where we perform kinship DNA-analyses in Norwegian immigration matters. Dynamic Code use “forensic lablogistics” and we have a well established LIMS (laboratory information management system), which results in full traceability and control of the analytic process. Our paternity/kinship analysis is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Dynamic Code is a member of International Society for Forensic Genetics and participates in an external quality assurance program.

Our major customers in paternity/kinship testing are Social Services of Swedish Municipalities. Additional customers are Law firms, Pharmacies and Animal breeding associations.

Environmental field

In the environmental field, the DNA test for Dry Rot Fungus is gaining interest, primarily with inspectors. Our DNA for different types of animals is also being received positively by different actors on the market. 

We are convinced that there is much more that we can do with our concept. Thus, we are continuing to work at renewing and developing our services even further. In the end, it is all about people doing well. We see it as our task to make the world feel a little better and healthy. 

Anne Kihlgren,
Founder and CEO, Dynamic Code