Shaping tomorrow's diagnostics

Shaping tomorrow's diagnostics

While traditional health care struggles with complications and long waiting times, modern people demand care that is faster paced, safer and smooth to keep up with their busy lives. So far, this is an equation that hasn’t quite come together. To this end, Dynamic Code has developed a series comprehensive health care solutions that streamline the entire healthcare process to give you greater control of your health. We’ve designed everything to give you more access to testing, diagnosis and treatment — all in just a few days.

Dynamic Code offers smart diagnostic and health care testing solutions. Most of our products are based on rigourous DNA technology that is utilized in both traditional health care and for customers. You can easily order any of our testing kits online, where you can quickly and effortlessly take them anywhere you are. The tests are then analysed in our laboratories, whereupon your results can be retrieved via a safe code on our website in just a few days. Your results can be accessed safely, securely, and with complete anonymity. We also offer subsequent care solutions and various treatment options via our digital healthcare providers. The whole process could not be any smoother.

We currently offer tests for STDs, women's health, lifestyle, skin and nails, as well as to check various forms of stomach health. We also offer paternity tests for municipalities and migration agencies, such as the UDI in Norway.

Our revolution has just begun. We are constantly working hard to create a world where health care resources are used in a smarter and more efficient way. That way, there is enough for us to do even more and where everyone can get the care they need faster, safer, and more reliably.

Welcome to Dynamic Code and a healthier world.

How DNA analysis in criminal investigations came to revolutionize health care

The story of Dynamic Code first began in the 90s, when Anne Kihlgren worked at SKL with forensic analysis in criminal investigations. With her extensive experience using DNA analyses, she became fascinated by just how much information could be obtained from a simple DNA test. Anne saw the multitude of possibilities DNA had to offer and realized just how much it could help people to get all kinds of answers and solutions — if only it could be made significantly more accessible. She also realized how easy it was to take the tests, meaning they could be performed at home, where it would save time and resources for the individuals taking them as well as reducing the strain on the health care system. It was right there and then that the idea for Dynamic Code was born; Anne decided to create her own customized DNA tests that would revolutionize health care and give people more control over their own health.

An all-in-one complete solution — from test to treatment.

Dynamic Code has produced several self-testing kits for all sorts of purposes, but we also understand that a test by itself is not enough to supply a comprehensive solution for your health care needs. We strive to offer the ability for our customers to buy the tests themselves, administer it in the privacy of their own homes, and receive their results digitally and at their convenience. Plus, when necessary, we have also put systems in place to forward any relevant information to a digital or physical health care provider so you can follow up on any treatments. To accomplish this task, we’ve built a completely unique platform that handles just about everything for every link in the chain. The lab analysis, communicating the results, and providing access to digital health care providers — each step is completely location-independent and can be performed just about anywhere. Now customers can access tests, lab results and doctors directly via their smartphone, no matter where they are in the world.

Dynamic Code is a Linköping-based company that has worked since 2011 to develop meaningful health and diagnostic tests based on advanced DNA technology. The tests are offered over a digital communication and logistics platform that is revolutionizing medical sampling and diagnostic testing across the world.