Board and Management

Board and Management

Our management team

Louise Nylén

Chief Executive Officer

Magnus Refthammar

Head of Product Development

Josephine Ovemyr

Head of Operations

Johan Olsson

Chief Technology Officer

Johan Mark

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Almesåker

Head of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Petter Lundström


Petter Lundström has broad expertise in e-commerce and consumer marketing, both in national and international arenas. Today he works to provide venture capital in the early stages for small, innovative companies with high growth potential.

Anne Kihlgren

Anne Kihlgren is the founder of Dynamic Code. She comes from a research background and was educated in Biochemistry with extensive experience in DNA analysis, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Anne previously worked as the group and project manager for the development of the DNA registry at the institute formerly known as the SKL (Statens Kriminaltekniska Laboratorium), currently known as the NFC (the Swedish National Forensic Centre).

Johan Thiel

Johan Thiel has experience of serving on the boards of a number of healthtech companies, including Lightlab and Qlucore. As CEO of MIPS, the Swedish helmet company, he led the business through its internationalisation journey and stock market launch.

Monika Elling

Monika Elling has a background of working in leading roles at companies that include Poolia (CEO) and Intrum Justitia (CFO). She is currently an advisor to and board member of various companies, including the Fourth AP Fund, Zound Industries and Talent Eye.

Sara Wimmercranz

Sara Wimmercranz is a digitalist, tech entrepreneur and investor. She is the co-founder of the venture capital firm BackingMinds and is one of the largest stockholders in Dynamic Code and Footway. Sara has received many accolades including being named one of Sweden's most influential tech investors by Dagens Industri.

Mats Anderson

Mats Anderson is an investor in several different firms including Pepins, a company that enables smaller shareholders to invest in various high-growth companies at the early stages of their development. Mats is also the CEO of an occupational pension company and a board member of several private equity firms.

Julian Lee

Julian Lee is the CEO and founder of the rapid-growth last-mile delivery company Airmee.