Our e-health concept for health testing

How it works

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Select and order the self-test that you are interested in.

Follow the enclosed instructions.

Return the sample to us.

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We perform a DNA analysis in our quality-assured laboratory.

Use your personal code to retrieve your test results on our website.

If the test results are positive, the customer can click through to book a video meeting with a medical doctor and recieve e-prescriptions.

Quick and easy to customise

Dynamic Code has developed a unique concept for health and environmental testing. It covers everything from the production of sampling kits, methodology of analysis, implementation of analysis, distribution of test results and home tests directly linked to medical advice and e-prescriptions. The concept consists of five main pillars and also includes efficient logistics throughout the chain:

1. Sampling kits for self-sampling.

Individuals can take the test at home themselves. Consumer products are CE marked according to the IVD Directive and are registered with the Swedish Food and Drug Administration and EUDAMED (European Databank on Medical Devices). This means that sampling instructions are tested in individual studies.

2. Unique method of analysis.

Dynamic Code monitors new research advances and cooperates with research groups and experts in various fields to develop new DNA tests. Examples of this can be when new discoveries between genotypes and phenotypes (characteristics) are made. We usually develop the methodology of analysis internally and keep it in a "black box". The focus is on cost analysis with maximum security.

3. Highest security for results

Our laboratory is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 by the Swedish authority SWEDAC. We offer forensic, criminal investigation lab logistics for maximum security and focus on high capacity. Our current capacity is 300,000 tests per year.

4. Quick, valuable results

Dynamic Code offers quick response times. 24 hours from receiving the test at our laboratory (e.g. chlamydia tests) up to five days. The tests provide useful answers and referral to counselling, both nutritional counselling as well as medical advice.

Dynamic Code has developed a concept around the logistics of analysis results. All analysis results can be retrieved securely and anonymously via our website by filling in the analysis code. There is a well-developed and integrated laboratory data system and web platform behind this. The basis for this is a well-designed lab logistics flow and a web communication that facilitates cooperation with our partners.

5. Medical advice, video meeting with a doctor and e-prescriptions

Dynamic Code has developed a unique e-health concept in which home tests are linked directly to medical advice and e-prescriptions. This is possible through cooperation with digital health care centres in Sweden and Denmark. Customers buy home tests online for a specific symptom and get their test results on our website within a few days. If the test results are positive, the customer can click through to book a video meeting with a medical doctor and recieve e-prescriptions. If the customer needs an advice before purchase or if the symptoms persist, they can get the right specialist contact information and the right advice through us. The customer gets quick analysis results and can start their treatment within a few days - without leaving home. This concept is built on Carestore.com and it is available in Sweden and Denmark as of today. We are working on launching this concept in other countries.