The latest research — packed in a small kit

The latest research — packed in a small kit

All of our product development takes place in our own specialized high-quality lab. In these labs, our specialists work continuously to develop smart diagnostic tools and innovative health solutions that keep up with the modern and mobile individual. Welcome to the future of health care.

By utilizing the latest scientific technology in DNA research along with other fields of molecular biology, we are able to produce products directly for consumers as well as for the more traditional agents that exist in the spheres of health care, private business and municipalities.

Our modern age is both digital and global; time is valuable and there are meticulously high standards for safe diagnoses and professional care. All of our products aim at catering to this active lifestyle by focusing on our core tenets: to improve the efficiency of care, to enable more secure diagnoses, and to give consumers more control over their own health. Many tests that previously required a visit to a health centre or clinic can now be performed quickly and easily with the help of our diagnostic and health tests along with our numerous cooperating digital healthcare providers.

Our tests are always just as reliable as the usual health care centre; in some cases our tests can even offer diagnoses that the traditional health care system was unable to adequately provide, either because it was too difficult, seldom offered, or prohibitively expensive. Our test for bacterial vaginosis, for instance, provides a service that was often ignored in traditional health care realms, offering a way for women to finally get a safe diagnosis along with the correct treatment.

Here at Dynamic Code, product development is about far more than developing new products. We treat our products as ways of creating comprehensive solutions and enabling a whole new way for people to get safe diagnoses and great health care.

In particular, we have focused on developing products in the areas of women's health, lifestyle, and preventative health care.

Scientific basis and quality control

All of our product development has been based on rigorous scientific research and is carefully controlled for maximum safety and accuracy. The specialists at Dynamic Code are constantly monitoring both national and international research findings to ensure that all of our products meet national and international standards concerning quality and performance for modern health care.

Our research and development department is subject to continuous external quality control for optimal results. Many of our products and kits have also been part of international quality tests where Dynamic Code's products have consistently performed very well.