Sampling instructions FAQ:s

  1. On the left-hand side of the sample kit, you should see the words, "Instructions, open here". You should be able to "peel off" the outer layer of the carton by pulling gently but firmly on the tab. Further instructions for storage of the sampling kit are written on the inside of the outermost layer. An instructional film for locating the sampling instructions is available here:

  2. We recommend that you don’t take the sample if you are experiencing a heavy flow. You can take the sample at the beginning or the end of your period or anytime if you have a light flow.

  3. We recommend that you don’t take the sample during treatment. Wait at least three weeks after treatment is finished before taking the sample. Ask your GP for advice if you’re not sure.

  4. Insert the sample stick around 5 cm into your vagina. Press the soft part of the sample stick against the vaginal wall and rotate it 4–6 times. Let the sample stick dry for at least 3 minutes. Don’t allow the soft part to come into contact with anything. Put the sample stick back in the tube and fasten the stopper securely. Done!

  5. Taking a sample with a vacuum tube: Collect the first urine in the sample tube or any clean container. Put the sample tube in a glass or similar container so it doesn’t tip over. Put the transfer straw under the surface of the liquid in the urine sample. Insert the vacuum tube into the transfer straw’s holder and press firmly so the end penetrates the seal of the vacuum tube and urine is sucked into the tube. Keep pressing the vacuum tube against the transfer straw until the vacuum tube stops filling. Remove the vacuum straw. Pour out the remaining urine and discard the sample tube and transfer straw.

    Swab sample: Unscrew the top of the sample tube, where you will find a sample stick to suck up the urine with. Collect the first urine by urinating on the soft part of the sample stick. This part of the stick sucks up the urine. Put the sample stick back in the sample tube. Screw the lid on firmly, rinse the sample tube and dry.