Gluten intolerance – Predisposition

Are you at risk of developing gluten intolerance? This DNA test makes it easy to find out whether you have a genetic predisposition for developing gluten intolerance in your life.
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  • Sample can be taken while observing a gluten-free diet.
  • Results provided within six business days after the sample is received by our laboratory
  • For adults and children of all ages

Simple test with reliable results

Did you know that up to 40% of the general population in the UK has a genetic predisposition to developing gluten intolerance? If you have this gluten sensitivity, it is possible that gluten intolerance can develop at any time.

Gluten intolerance — also known as coeliac disease — is the inability to process gluten, a protein family found in certain foods. Ingesting gluten can lead to inflammation of the small intestine which can damage the intestinal lining; once this occurs, other nutrients cannot be absorbed properly.

The range of possible symptoms is highly extensive including fatigue, stomach pains, diarrhoea, constipation, depression and growth disorders.

This test shows whether you have a genetic predisposition of developing gluten intolerance. This makes it easy to determine whether gluten intolerance is a potential cause for your symptoms or if you can rule it out entirely. With these reliable answers, you get as much information as possible, either to treat the symptoms or to determine other next steps in case the issues persist.

Quick results 

This test shows whether you have a genetic predisposition towards developing gluten intolerance. If the test returns positive and you are exhibiting symptoms consistent with gluten intolerance, we recommend you take our test which can determine whether you have already developed gluten intolerance, the Gluten Intolerance — Test for Predisposition and Intolerance.

The test does not require gluten in your diet

In order to take this test, you do not need to have gluten in your current diet.

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