Bacterial vaginosis and candida test

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  • Simple sample taking that you do at home
  • Testresult within 3 weekdays after we receive the test
  • The test has a methodological accuracy of 99.5%

This test is for women who have discomfort from itching and/or burning in the in genital area, or a foul smelling discharge. These are symptoms of both bacterial vaginosis and candida (fungus). Both of these must be treated. With our test, you receive the results within 3 days. 

Bacterial vaginosis must be treated with antibiotics, and candida (fungus) must be treated with an over-the-counter ointment. At some point in their lives, many women experience discomfort in their lower abdomen caused by bacteria or fungi. It is therefore important to determine which infection may be the cause of the discomfort, so you receive the correct treatment and get rid of your discomfort. 

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