Increased blood clot risk with estrogen intake

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  • Simple sample taking that you do at home
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  • The test has a methodological accuracy of 99.9%

With this test, and based on your genes, you will quickly find out whether. When selecting a contraceptive, it may important to know whether you are carrying genetic risk factors. For example, the risk of birth control pills that contain estrogen may increase the risk of a blood clot by up to 80 times.

The risk of being afflicted by a venous blood clot is affected by several different factors. One important factor is heredity predisposition. Two of the most common gene variants that cause an increased risk of a venous blood clot, is one variant of factor V (Factor V Leiden), and one variant of prothrombin. With our test, you can see whether you have any of these gene variants.

The heredity predisposition, that is to say, the genetic makeup, may combine with other risk factors and elevate the risk considerably. Other risk factors that also increase the risk include smoking, being overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain types of birth control pills and pregnancy. The risk of a blood clot may also increase in certain situations, for example in connection with major surgery or long plane trips. The heredity risk may combine with other risk factors and elevate the risk considerably. If the test shows that the person is carrying any of the risk variants for these genes, this must be taken into consideration when selecting a contraceptive.

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