Doktor24 and Dynamic Code are starting nationwide free self-testing for Covid-19

Dynamic Code and Doktor24 are launching the first nationwide PCR-test for self-testing of the ongoing Covid-19 infection.

Dynamic Code Launches Proprietary Self-Test for COVID-19

Since the beginning of April, an agreement has existed between Dynamic Code and Region Stockholm, to cooperate on the self-testing of COVID-19 for employees in health and social care sectors within the Stockholm region.

The Benefits of Distance Care Have Never Been Clearer

With the rising spread of virus across the country, healthcare is facing an extremely critical situation. As Lund researchers, Leif Dahlberg and Håkan Nero, wrote in Altinget on 19th March, "We believe that it is high time that authorities and…

Health Tech Company Dynamic Code Has Released a New Directed Issue of Shares Valued at 60 MSEK

In February 2020, Dynamic Code AB implemented a targeted new share issue of SEK 47.6 million via Stockholm Corporate Finance to qualifying investors and have now also received the expected SEK 12.4 million via Pepins. The capital will primarily be…

Dynamic Code and LabPortalen/InfoSolutions in New Collaboration - Digital Care Chain Can Relieve the Burden on Healthcare by 10 Million Visits per Year

Healthtech company Dynamic Code and LabPortalen/InfoSolutions now make distance care easily accessible to all healthcare providers. Healthcare providers connected to the digital referral and response system, Labportalen, can quickly and easily order…

Dynamic Code Raises SEK 60 Million in New Issue of Shares

The Health Tech company Dynamic Code, based in Linköping, has, through a directed issue of shares to new and existing owners, raised SEK 47.6 million for continued expansion. An additional SEK 12.4 million is expected to be added through a new shares…

Dynamic Code Celebrates Women's Health on International Women's Day

Vaginal health is a topic that few people talk about, and vaginal diseases have been traditionally overlooked by the research, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. However, digitalisation, e-health and self-testing are powerful tools to increase…

Research Confirms Tests to Diagnose Bacterial Vaginosis Work

Molecular tests provide a precise and safe diagnosis for bacterial vaginosis, or vaginitis, as it is sometimes called. In a study that has now been published in the international Journal of Women's Health and Gynecology, professor of obstetrics and…

Deficiency in Tonsillitis Treatment – New Self-Test Kit Ensures Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

According to a 2018 summary from Stockholm's primary healthcare system, 44% of tonsillitis patients were treated with antibiotics, even though Strep A tests had shown to be negative, or not even carried out. Health Technology company Dynamic Code is…

Many infection cases go unnoticed by the healthcare service

The healthcare service is falling behind when it comes to testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). That’s become evident from a pilot project conducted with particular at-risk groups at RFSL’s Counselling Service in Skåne (RFSL is the…

KRY and Dynamic Code expand their cooperative efforts

Earlier this year, the digital healthcare provider KRY and the HealthTech company Dynamic Code first started their collaborations in the Swedish market when KRY began using Dynamic Code's health and diagnostic tests. Now a new cooperation agreement…

Genital infections in women — highly common but largely unknown

Approximately 15 percent of women of childbearing age suffer from bacterial vaginosis. Despite its pervasiveness, a recent study commissioned by HealthTech company Dynamic Code found that 6 out of 10 women are completely unfamiliar with the…

One third believe they are lactose intolerant

At Christmas time, with all the extra food we are eating, many people get an upset stomach. According to a survey performed by Origo Group on behalf of Dynamic Code, 30 percent of Swedes believe their abdominal pain is due to lactose sensitivity. 61…

Dynamic Code urges doctors: Choose the right antibiotic treatment!

Today is the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, which reminds us of the risks of an increasing number of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, meaning diseases that currently are relatively easy to treat and thus “harmless”, risk becoming…

KRY and Dynamic Code collaborate to make healthcare safer and more accessible

The digital healthcare company KRY and the HealthTech firm Dynamic Code have signed a momentous cooperation agreement. The collaboration means that KRY will utilize Dynamic Code's health and diagnostic tests for its diagnoses in order to reliably…

Does it take a state of emergency before we take the threat of antibiotic resistance seriously?

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has said “Adults keep saying we owe it to the young people, to give them hope. But I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic.”

Women's Health and Bacterial Vaginosis — A Vital Test for All Pregnant Women

Most women may experience sensations off and on, such as an itching feeling in the genitals or an odorous discharge, but often they will not know that these are symptoms caused by bacterial vaginosis. The vagina is home to a natural quantity of…

Dynamic Code’s DNA test for lactose intolerance now works for everyone

The symptoms of lactose intolerance are often very troublesome to detect for those affected. Upset stomach, diarrhea, flatulence, and stomach pain are some of the most common issues, but it is sometimes difficult to trace the cause. Lactose…

A successful new stock issue grants Dynamic Code 33 million SEK to expand both in Sweden and internationally

On November 22, Dynamic Code AB completed a new issue of shares worth 30 million SEK. Due to significant interest from the market, the firm was permitted to transfer 10 percent of its holdings — thus Dynamic Code has now allocated 33 million SEK in…