A successful new stock issue grants Dynamic Code 33 million SEK to expand both in Sweden and internationally

On November 22, Dynamic Code AB completed a new issue of shares worth 30 million SEK. Due to significant interest from the market, the firm was permitted to transfer 10 percent of its holdings — thus Dynamic Code has now allocated 33 million SEK in new equity. The stock issue was carried out with the help of Pepins Group and their crowdfunding platforms. It was then opened to the public on November 21 and was fully signed one day later.

The stock issue was underwritten by both existing owners and new investors. Today the company has over 600 shareholders.

The stock issue provided Dynamic Code with the resources it needed to accelerate the pace of development. It will enable the launch of even more diagnostic and health test solutions within the traditional health care arena as well as for direct sales to customers.

“We are now well-positioned to offer both consumers and healthcare providers quick and secure diagnostic and health test solutions. Our comprehensive testing solutions directly integrate patients, laboratories and healthcare providers into one efficient online platform. It’s a solution that facilitates everyday life for both customers/patients as well as healthcare providers,” commented Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO of Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code has also begun strong efforts towards expanding into the international market. It has initiated vital cooperative efforts with numerous international and global healthcare providers. Investments in new markets are expected to accelerate further.
With its own dedicated product development, manufacturing and sales infrastructure based on the firm’s in-house scalable lab, and its logistics/communication platform, the company is fully prepared to establish itself on an international scale.

“We now have the resources needed to take full advantage of our unique opportunities and to strengthen the organization even further with international expertise and experience in partnership, e-commerce and business development," remarked Anne Kihlgren.

Dynamic Code in Brief

Dynamic Code is a HealthTech company that aims to revolutionize the way healthcare is diagnosed. Dynamic Code utilizes its proprietary logistics and communication platform to offer comprehensive health and diagnostic testing solutions. These applications are often based on DNA technology to facilitate safe, reliable and accurate solutions for both healthcare providers as well as to their direct customers.