Deficiency in Tonsillitis Treatment – New Self-Test Kit Ensures Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

According to a 2018 summary from Stockholm's primary healthcare system, 44% of tonsillitis patients were treated with antibiotics, even though Strep A tests had shown to be negative, or not even carried out. Health Technology company Dynamic Code is now launching a self-test kit for tonsillitis, to test for the presence of Streptococcus group A (Strep A).

Together with digital healthcare provider My Doctor, Dynamic Code now offers a complete distance-based care solution, providing quick and safe treatment without the patient having to leave home. You take the test yourself, submit the sample to Dynamic Code's laboratory and the next day you get the result. Based on the test result, a doctor assesses whether the infection should be treated with antibiotics. The test enables the provision of remote healthcare, which complies fully with the existing guidelines: the Centor criteria.

Self-test Reduces Parental Leave Time

Rather than suffering several days with a fever and sore throat before seeking health care, as is normally recommended, Dynamic Code's self-test ensures that a reliable diagnosis is quickly established. This enables your child's infection to be treated immediately, thereby reducing the amount of parental leave required.

- The test provides the doctor with a reliable basis, which together with an overall assessment of the symptoms and test results, can determine whether antibiotic therapy should be offered. The fact that the test can be carried out from home means that those who are ill do not need to visit a health centre, thereby avoiding further spread of the infection. The self-test also enables the remote care of tonsillitis, helping not only the sick, but also reducing the burden on the Health Service, says Anna-Karin Strömberg, specialist physician in ear, nose and throat diseases and medical expert at Dynamic Code.

Every year, more than 600,000 people in Sweden suffer from tonsillitis, an uncomfortable, often painful infection which can become a serious illness. In addition, it is highly contagious, with the potential to infect several family members simultaneously. Tonsillitis is frequently caused by the bacteria Streptococcus group A (Strep A), which can be treated with antibiotics. However, in other cases the cause may be a viral infection, in which case antibiotic treatment will not help.

- It is important to get an accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment if you have tonsillitis, to stop the course of the disease, reduce the risk of complications, and prevent infection. But it is equally important that the doctor does not prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily if, for example, it is a viral infection, as this can increase the development of antibiotic resistance, says Anne Kihlgren, CEO of Dynamic Code.

Dynamic Code's health and diagnostic tests are now available at several pharmacies and can also be purchased at dynamiccode.com.

For more information, please contact:

Anne Kihlgren,  founder and CEO Dynamic Code
+46 708 19 16 21  

Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code aims to help people take control of their own health by developing reliable health and diagnostic tests based on DNA technology. The tests are offered in a digital communication and logistics platform that is revolutionising medical sampling and diagnostic tests. Tests that previously required sampling in clinics and by health professionals, sometimes taking months and years, can now be done by the patients themselves, receiving answers and treatment in a matter of days. Without compromising quality – Dynamic Code tests meet all medical and regulatory requirements.