Doktor24 and Dynamic Code are starting nationwide free self-testing for Covid-19

Dynamic Code and Doktor24 are launching the first nationwide PCR-test for self-testing of the ongoing Covid-19 infection.

Those with symptoms that match Covid-19 can have, after a digital assessment by a doctor, a self-test kit delivered to their home, to test for the ongoing infection. The service is unique as the test does not require refrigerated transport, which allows for large-scale home-testing regardless of where you live in Sweden.

The test is free for the patient. All stages in the testing chain, from the order and medical assessment, to distribution and follow-up with healthcare providers, are managed on a single digital platform.

“After the government’s important announcement that anybody with symptoms can get tested for free, I am pleased that we can now offer socially and economically sustainable testing which reaches everybody in the whole country, and so contribute to getting Sweden back on its feet,” says Daniel Lillienau, VD at Doktor24.

The test is a CE Marked self-test kit for the ongoing Covid-19 infection. The patient consults digitally with Doktor24’s doctors, who make an assessment of the presentation of symptoms. If the symptoms are judged to be consistent with an infection, a self-test kit is sent to the patient via post. The patient takes the test themselves at home, through swabbing in the nose and throat, and then sends the test as a standard letter in an enclosed and franked envelope to Dynamic Code’s quality-assured laboratory. Feedback with the test results and advice about any necessary treatment is given by Doktor24’s doctors just a few days later. The case is filed so that other healthcare providers can have access to the test result if necessary. The patient can even get a certificate showing the result of the Covid-19 test.

Dynamic Code has been cooperating with the Public Health Agency in the work of increasing access to lab tests for detecting Covid-19. The testing, which is now available even for private individuals and companies, has for some time been available for municipal and regional authorities.

“Agencies and experts are in agreement that an extended testing regime is needed to stop the spread of the disease. With the cooperation of Doktor 24 we can offer a high degree of accessibility, and welcome both private and public customers to test themselves in line with the government's new guidelines, and in a way that is fast, secure and cost-effective,” says Anne Kihlgren, Dynamic Code’s founder and CEO.

More about the test:

The test is the PCR type, which both WHO and the Public Health Agency recommend for the detection of covid-19. It does not risk crowding out the public health system, since it is independently developed. The PCR-method is validated vis-à-vis other methods, and the self-test kit is, furthermore, CE marked.

For more information, please contact:

Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO Dynamic Code
070 819 16 21

Sara Dannborg, communications manager Doktor24
073 982 58 42