Dynamic Code and LabPortalen/InfoSolutions in New Collaboration - Digital Care Chain Can Relieve the Burden on Healthcare by 10 Million Visits per Year

Healthtech company Dynamic Code and LabPortalen/InfoSolutions now make distance care easily accessible to all healthcare providers. Healthcare providers connected to the digital referral and response system, Labportalen, can quickly and easily order their patients' self-tests in their medical record system and receive their test results. Patients take the sample themselves at home and then send it to Dynamic Code's laboratory for analysis, all without having to physically seek medical attention. This type of distance care, combined with reliable diagnostics, is completely new in Sweden. The collaboration could relieve the heavy load on primary healthcare totally or partially, with a reduction of up to 10 million visits per year.

LabPortalen is a digital referral and response system that is integrated into almost all journal systems in Sweden. The new collaboration means that doctors and caregivers can order self-tests for their patients through their medical records system, and get the analysed test results back directly in the medical record system.

Dynamic Code takes care of all the logistics, sends the self-test to the patient, gets the sample back from the patient and analyses it in its laboratory. The test results are then automatically transferred to the doctor's and caregiver's medical records system via LabPortalen.

- "Our collaboration streamlines the entire healthcare chain for the benefit of both patients and caregivers. Approximately 10 million visits per year in primary care are linked to suspected infections which require sampling. With our complete solution, developed and adapted for primary healthcare, it is now possible for the first time on a large scale, to provide safe sampling in combination with distance care", Says Anne Kihlgren, Founder and CEO of Dynamic Code.

- "Through the integration with Labportalen, all healthcare providers now have around twenty self-tests readily available at low cost, e.g. tests for STDs, urinary tract infection, yeast infection, tonsillitis and others. Additionally, there are now reliable tests for disorders that primary care previously had difficulty treating, such as celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and bacterial vaginosis (infection of the genital area in women). In the long run, this opens the way for primary care to relieve the load on hard-pressed hospital care", continues Anne Kihlgren.

- "Enabling patients to avoid having to go to primary healthcare, and instead, be able to use digital solutions, saves both time and money for the healthcare system. Labportalen is used by virtually all healthcare providers and regions in the country, meaning that healthcare can become more accessible and equal across Sweden. "The concept is brand new in Sweden and it will be exciting to follow the development", says Alex Stendahl, CEO of LabPortalen/InfoSolutions.


For more information, please contact:

Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO of Dynamic Code
+46 (0)70 819 16 21

Alex Stendahl, VD LabPortalen/InfoSolutions
+46 (0)70 855 61 14