Dynamic Code is now offering 10.23 million new testing sites for covid-19 testing in Sweden!

- Everyone must have the opportunity to get tested!

Dynamic Code, which already offers covid-19 tests for Sweden’s municipal and regional authorities, is now launching self-test kits for private individuals and company employees. Our CE marked covid-19 self-test kits will be on sale beginning on the 8th of June.

The test has been developed by Dynamic Code and shows whether you have an active covid-19 infection, so that you know whether you should stay quarantined at home and avoid infecting others. On Monday 8th of June, the test will be available via Dynamic Code’s online shop. And none of this will crowd out the health system, since we has developed our own test and analysis methods. Priority group 2 will, furthermore, always have priority.

We offer CE marked self-test kits for covid-19 in exactly the same way and with exactly the same high quality as the other tests that we supply. A total solution where the consumer takes the test at home, sends it via post to Dynamic Code’s quality-assured laboratory, collects their results on the website and, if necessary, can make direct contact with healthcare providers for advice and treatment. With us you can even get a certificate showing that you have tested negative for covid-19, which these days can be a requirement when, for example, travelling.

Working with the Public Health Agency – Dynamic Code wants to test more

We are an official partner of the Public Health Agency of Sweden in the effort to increase access to lab tests for detecting covid-19. For three weeks, there has been a complete solution for covid-19 tests in place for municipal and regional authorities, and it is now being extended to private individuals and companies. “The regional authorities are falling short in the important job of doing more testing”, asserts Anne Kihlgren, Dynamic Code’s founder and CEO.

“In consultation with the Public Health Agency we have, for more than three weeks, reserved our capacity for municipal health and care staff, but not a single covid-19 test has been ordered for analysis”, says Anne Kihlgren.

“Society is absolutely crying out for increased testing and we want to make our lab capacity available for 10,000 tests a week. Now we are inviting both private and public customers to test themselves in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way”, she says.

Dynamic Code’s test is the PCR type, which WHO and the Public Health Agency recommend for the detection of covid-19.

The test costs SEK 495 incl. VAT (SEK 396 excl. VAT), and that includes everything. The test is taken by simply swabbing in the nose and throat. The test is offered to both consumers and companies, as well as regional and municipal authorities.