Dynamic Code launches new Covid-19 antibody test that can be taken at home

Many individuals want to be tested for Covid-19 antibodies. For those who do not wish to go to a sampling centre, Dynamic Code is now launching a new option in Sweden: a test that can be taken at home and sent to a laboratory for expert analysis.

Individuals who exhibit symptoms or who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 can take an antibody test after their recovery. Currently these tests are administered on site at pharmacies or centres organized by healthcare providers. But for those who are reluctant to go to a sampling centre, Dynamic Code has now launched a new test that can be taken at home and sent to a laboratory for expert analysis. Test results are made available just two days after the sample is received by the laboratory.

“There is a great deal of pressure on healthcare systems to test for ongoing Covid-19 infections and related antibodies. We are pleased that we can offer a safe test people can take at home that will provide a quick answer as to whether they have developed antibodies.”
—Anne Kihlgren, founder of Dynamic Code.

The sample is taken by pricking the finger with a lancet and collecting a few drops of blood in a test tube. Everything needed is included in the sampling kit; the sample is then conveniently returned in the same packaging. The sample is analysed by Dynamic Code’s quality-assured laboratory in Linköping; the results will show whether the individual has developed IgG antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 (also known as Coronavirus or Covid-19). 

“Dynamic Code’s antibody test for Covid-19 is a laboratory test with a self-sampling procedure. This means that you, as a private person in the comfort of your own home, take a small blood sample with the prick of the finger. The blood sample is then sent to a quality-assured laboratory that performs the full analysis.”
—Bo Cederholm, specialist in clinical immunology. Bo is the certified medical personnel responsible for the test.

This new antibody test complements Dynamic Code’s existing set of PCR tests that check for ongoing Covid-19 infections.

”We already offer a CE-marked and quality-assured Covid-19 test (PCR) with laboratory analysis which can be ordered on our website. When it comes to Covid-19 testing (PCR), we collaborate with the Swedish Health Agency for testing in several regions in Sweden. We also work with other parties that require fast and safe tests. All elements in the testing process — everything from ordering and distribution to follow-up with our digital healthcare providers — is handled via a unified digital platform.”
—Anne Kihlgren, founder of Dynamic Code.

Facts about the Antibody Test

  • The test is based on the internationally-established analysis method known as ELISA to ensure safe and reliable antibody detection.
  • The test has a sensitivity of 94.4% and a specificity of 99.6%.
  • The sample is analysed at Dynamic Code’s quality-assured laboratory in Linköping.
  • The sampling kit is CE-certified and registered with the Swedish Medical Products Agency.