Dynamic Code Launches Proprietary Self-Test for COVID-19

Since the beginning of April, an agreement has existed between Dynamic Code and Region Stockholm, to cooperate on the self-testing of COVID-19 for employees in health and social care sectors within the Stockholm region.

It is a cooperation between healthcare providers (Capio), laboratories (SYNLAB Medilab) and Dynamic Code, where Dynamic Code, with its communication and logistics platform, manages the logistics flow. InfoSolutions, with its referral and response system, LabPortalen, is also an important part of the collaboration. 

Through close co-operation between Dynamic Code and Airmee, the delivery of sampling kits to the homes of care personnel enables them to take the test themselves at home, with the samples then collected for delivery to the relevant laboratory.

Dynamic Code’s Logistics and Communications Platform Offered Throughout Sweden

In order to be able to offer COVID-19 tests nationally throughout Sweden, a logistics and communications platform is required that not only connects the patient, care provider and laboratory, but one which also handles and manages orders directly from the care provider's record system, dispatches and returns the sample package to the laboratory, and finally, enters the sample results directly in the record system.

- “Dynamic Code’s platform is built precisely for this purpose and, as the basis of our regular operations, it can be quickly rolled out to regions and municipalities throughout the country, together with selected care providers, regardless of which laboratory performs the lab analyses”, emphasizes Anne Kihlgren, CEO and founder of Dynamic Code.

Independently-Validated COVID-19 Test in Accredited In-house Laboratory

With effect from May, Dynamic Codes's own laboratory is ready for the analysis of COVID-19 tests. Both Dynamic Code's laboratory analyses and self-testing kits are based on a completely proprietary analytical method. This means that there will be no displacement effects created within the care system as a result of Dynamic Code’s COVID-19 tests and self-testing kits.

It also means that Dynamic Code has full quality control of the analyses and can offer high-quality tests at a competitive price, in contrast with the many ready-made reagent kits (semi-finished products) which often are not quality-assured, and are now being purchased by several players from other countries, such as China.

The test will not initially be offered to the consumer market, but in consultation with Dynamic Code’s official partner, Folkhälsomyndigheten, to priority risk groups, and through selected partners in digital care.

The test concept is based on Dynamic Code's comprehensive solution for diagnostic testing and therefore contains everything from complete self-sampling kits, despatch of the kit to the patient and its return to the company's laboratory, the laboratory analysis, and finally, reporting of the test results directly into the carer’s patient journal.

The price for both the upcoming consumer test as, well as the present caregiver test, is several times lower than other COVID-19 tests which are now planned to be introduced on the Swedish market. 

- “We are happy that, despite being a small company, we are still able to significantly assist regions, municipalities and care providers with a fast, safe and effective overall solution, at a price that does not take advantage of the difficult situation that the coronavirus pandemic has caused for all of us”, concludes Anne Kihlgren at Dynamic Code.