Health Tech Company Dynamic Code Has Released a New Directed Issue of Shares Valued at 60 MSEK

In February 2020, Dynamic Code AB implemented a targeted new share issue of SEK 47.6 million via Stockholm Corporate Finance to qualifying investors and have now also received the expected SEK 12.4 million via Pepins. The capital will primarily be used for continued investment in the market and sales and to expand the product portfolio through the development of more health and diagnostic tests.

Dynamic Code converts the latest DNA research into products that streamline the care chain, bringing health, diagnosis and treatment closer to the consumer. Examples include self-testing for a variety of illnesses such as infections, STI's, intolerances, as well as dietary and lifestyle tests. The consumer's test result is securely linked to healthcare providers, pharmacies and follow-up treatment via a proprietary technical platform. This results in the patient receiving a response more quickly, safely and easily, with caregivers able to diagnose patients without them having to leave home. Dynamic Code is unique in that it owns the entire chain, from testing to technology, analysis and logistics, and this lays the foundation for a highly scalable business model.

The company's sales developed positively in 2019, especially during the second half of the year when growth was 112 percent. The majority of the growth came from B2B sales, primarily healthcare providers, which increased by 737 percent during the year, and through pharmacies and other retailers, which increased by 60 percent.

Dynamic Code has affiliations with almost all digital healthcare players in the Swedish market.
Collaborations have been initiated with healthcare providers in Denmark and Norway and now Germany is in the queue.

- “We are very proud of and happy with the large investor interest in connection with the new share issue. I am convinced of continued good growth and success in new market segments, not least internationally. The e-health market is growing strongly and Dynamic Code is uniquely positioned for growth,” says CEO Anne Kihlgren.


Stockholm Corporate Finance (main advisor) and Pepins Group were financial advisors associated with the transaction.

For more information, please contact:

Anne Kihlgren, CEO Dynamic Code
013 465 53 21

Otto Rydbeck, CEO Stockholm Corporate Finance
08 440 56 40

Julia Reuszner, CEO of Pepins Group
073 986 56 64

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