KRY and Dynamic Code collaborate to make healthcare safer and more accessible

The digital healthcare company KRY and the HealthTech firm Dynamic Code have signed a momentous cooperation agreement. The collaboration means that KRY will utilize Dynamic Code's health and diagnostic tests for its diagnoses in order to reliably provide correct treatments. To this end, KRY will be able to expand its health care services and help significantly more patients.

“The collaboration with Dynamic Code is a great example of how we at KRY use innovation to provide increased accessibility to healthcare. The fact that we can now offer self-tests to a greater number of individuals means that our patients no longer need to visit a medical centre for sampling. This means that we can help more people and offer health care in areas we were previously unable to serve” — Livia Holm, Director of Policy and Development at KRY.

With Dynamic Code's health and diagnostic tests, you take a sample completely by yourself. Once collected, simply send it to Dynamic Code's quality-assured laboratories for analysis. Your test results can then be communicated to a digital health care provider such as KRY. That way you can get a diagnosis and receive the correct treatment online, all completely confidentially right from your own home.

Thanks to our collaboration with KRY, far more people will have access to our diagnostic health tests and thus to safer and faster medical treatment. All you need is a mobile phone.
—Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO of Dynamic Code.

Dynamic Code has already established partnerships with several digital healthcare providers. The agencies use the HealthTech company's various self-tests as part of their digital operations.

As a customer you can also buy their self-testing kits online or at most major pharmacies. Once your results are ready, they can easily be accessed at dynamiccode.com. If necessary, you can then immediately proceed to a digital healthcare provider based on your test results.

Our health tests are designed to be easily accessible to everyone. We therefore highly value our collaboration with KRY and our other digital healthcare partners. At the same time, it is also important to us that we can offer our tests directly to all customers. We have worked hard to develop this crucial three-party collaboration between consumers, digital healthcare providers, and ourselves — it is this cooperation that drives development forward to create reliable, fast, and safe health care for more and more people.
—Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO of Dynamic Code.

Dynamic Code offers tests for all manner of health-related issues. These include tests for chlamydia and mycoplasma, bacterial vaginosis and Candida, gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance, as well as tests for nail, skin and foot fungi.