KRY and Dynamic Code expand their cooperative efforts

Earlier this year, the digital healthcare provider KRY and the HealthTech company Dynamic Code first started their collaborations in the Swedish market when KRY began using Dynamic Code's health and diagnostic tests. Now a new cooperation agreement has been signed between the two companies, with KRY now becoming Dynamic Code’s healthcare partner in Norway.

Far more people are choosing to use the services of a digital healthcare provider such as KRY rather than seeking out traditional primary care. In the same vein, more and more people are choosing self-tests over traditional care — a comprehensive solution that Dynamic Code has offered for many years. Patients prefer at-home testing kits for a wide range of tests including STD detection, gluten and lactose intolerance detection, tests for skin and nail fungus, and many others.

- The collaboration with KRY in Sweden has been very successful. It has meant that, together, we have been able to help far more people get a correct diagnosis and receive effective treatment. —Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO of Dynamic Code.

A fully digital healthcare chain

This new cooperation agreement in Norway allows us to help far more people with all of their healthcare needs. When individuals use tests from Dynamic Code, they can now access various important healthcare services via a direct link to KRY. This means that we can help our customers quickly get any help they might need to address their health issues. We’ve already successfully established this option in Sweden to great success by establishing partnerships with several digital healthcare players.

“Our health and diagnostic tests are an important puzzle piece so that we can provide a fully digital healthcare chain, one that is based on our safe and secure diagnostic tests,” stated Anne Kihlgren.

“The collaboration agreement with Dynamic Code is a clear example of how KRY works innovatively to make health services both more accessible and more cost-effective for both the patient and the community at large. We strive to make it easier and more flexible for the patient to test themselves, for them to get in touch with the appropriate care services, and so that they can receive effective treatment”, remarked Thorleif Jansen, the medical director at KRY in Norway.

Norway — a market for growth

Dynamic Code has been well-established for many years in the Swedish market, where its self-tests have been sold at pharmacies and online. In Norway, the tests have so far only been available on the company's website. This new cooperative agreement with KRY is a critical first step in the company's growth to entering the Norwegian market more thoroughly.

“Like KRY, we strive to make healthcare more accessible; to that end, we want to make it easy for everyone to access and use our tests. We are currently expanding our range of tests and we are proud to have the opportunity to better serve patients and individuals in Norway as well. Our hope is that our tests will also be available in pharmacies by early next year,” commented Anne Kihlgren.


For additional information please contact:

Anne Kihlgren, founder and CEO of Dynamic Code
+4613-465 53 21

Thorleif Jansen, Medical Director of KRY in Norway
+47 90 15 52 88