New test measures antibody levels – could indicate whether patients need a top up COVID-19 vaccine

The health-tech company Dynamic Code has launched an update to their self-test for antibodies. This new test measures levels of neutralising COVID-19 antibodies, which gives important information about how strong an individual’s antibody protection is. When WHO releases clear guidelines about antibody limits, the test can also indicate when it’s time for a top-up COVID-19 vaccine.

There are a range of antibody tests on the market. Dynamic Codes test can be taken at home and measure the levels of neutralised antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 to show if you are protected against COVID-19.

Neutralising antibodies determine protection

Virus infections can cause antibodies to develop against different parts of the virus. Some of the antibodies that develop are called neutralising antibodies, and these stop the virus from getting into the cells and infecting them. However, not all antibodies from an infection of SARS-CoV-2 are neutralising. Non-neutralising antibodies bind specifically to the virus but don’t affect its ability to get into and infect human cells. These antibodies don’t protect against COVID-19. 

Can indicate when another dose of the vaccine needs to be administered

Dynamic Code’s new measurement method detects neutralising antibodies and can detect if the level is high or low. This information is important for determining if an individual still has a high enough level of antibodies to protect against infection. This method can be used alongside the vaccination programme against COVID-19 to measure the level of antibodies developed by the vaccine. This can indicate when it’s time to have a vaccine top-up. 

“Measuring the level of neutralising antibodies against COVID-19 infection is invaluable for individuals and our society. It’s very useful to find out if you’re protected against COVID-19,” says Anne Kihlgren, founder and business development manager at Dynamic Code.

How to take the test

The test is a finger-prick test that you do at home by collecting a few drops of blood in a test tube. Everything you need to take the test and send it back is in the package. The test is analysed in Dynamic Code’s quality controlled laboratory in Linköping, Sweden and shows if the individual has developed IgG antibodies against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Dynamic Code’s analysis uses S protein and RBD antigens so the analysis can detect neutralising antibodies. Preliminary results show a 95.2% conformity of detection of neutralising antibodies.