Dynamic Code - on your terms

Dynamic Code is a taste of the future of healthcare! Where YOU are what matters most! You can test yourself and get your test result online. All of this in a quick, easy and safe way - without leaving home. How is this possible?

Well, dynamiccode.com covers the entire range. It combines the development of user-friendly home tests and modern lab technology with the digital world of healthcare. In Sweden and Denmark we are offeing meeting with medical doctors online via video-meeting in order to recieve an e-prescription and/or medical advice. This concept is something we are working on to develop into other countries.  

Who benefits from this?

Anyone who doesn’t want to wait too long to get test results and the right care, wherever they live. Who is not happy with waiting on the phone, with “closed for the summer”, “closed for the day”, “closed for the weekend”. Who thinks it is too expensive to undergo many visits, with long waiting times and lost work earnings. And not lastly, all the politicians who are working hard to create a better healthcare at lower costs.

Where is Dynamic Code coming from?

From Linköping in Sweden. Dynamic Code has been developing tests for different symptoms and diagnoses since 2000. During these years we have learned that too often, the healthcare system lacks reliable methods and tests. Too often, routines do not work and guidelines are not followed in the way one might wish. And with dynamiccode.com, we want to help change that.

You are welcome to learn more about our quality guidelines, our cooperation with scientists and specialists, our partners and the expertise and experience we have in DNA- and lab- technology.

The fact that we can now offer tests with clear, fast and certain results, direct contact with doctors for e-prescriptions and counseling, is due to many people's contributions and to a long-term, focused development process. And that's just the beginning.


Anne Kihlgren, Founder and CEO