Retrieve your test results

Some of our tests

How it works

1. Order your test

The test will be sent to you in a discreet envelope.

2. Take the test

Read the included instructions thoroughly. When you are ready, take the test yourself, making sure to carefully follow the directions. Make sure to save your anonymous analysis code so that you can retrieve your results.

3. Send the test back

Our quality-assured laboratory will analyse your sample using the latest DNA technology.

4. Retrieve your results

Use your analysis code to access your results on our website. If necessary, we will help you arrange an appointment with a digital healthcare provider or other authorized party.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Due to a high workload right now test results may arrive a couple of days late. 

    We ship all parcels with PostNord; please note that PostNord has currently indicated deliveries may take longer than usual. You can find the latest information regarding PostNord’s shipping status here. 

    We are continually monitoring the situation; if new information, directives or conditions arise, we will act accordingly.

  2. By testing first, you take your health into your own hands and avoid unnecessary worry. With a reliable test response available at the first medical contact, treatment is more efficient for both you as a patient and for the care service.

    Reliable self-testing also enables you to obtain remote care, wherever you are.

  3. We do not replace healthcare, but we do relieve and streamline it by offering reliable and cost-effective diagnostic tools. While traditional care is struggling with overcrowding and long waiting times, we contribute by ensuring resources are more wisely and more efficiently used, which help everyone receives care faster, more securely and more reliably.

  4. Most of our testing is anonymous because the test is only linked to an anonymous analysis code. The only exceptions are genealogical testing and tests for infections governed by the Infection Protection Act (chlamydia, gonorrhoea).

    Analysed DNA is stored for two weeks, in case we need to repeat your analysis, before it is discarded. The anonymous data is saved in our internal system for six months. We never use the data for anything other than the current test analysis.



Dynamic Code signs new contract with The Swedish Public Health Authority

Dynamic Code has had an agreement to provide Covid-19 PCR tests to the Swedish Public Health Authority since last spring. Dynamic Code has recently won a new contract, which shows continued confidence in delivering analysis capacity to some of Sweden's regions. Dynamic Code's PCR test has been developed to detect mutated virus strains, which is a crucial development since the new virus strain was discovered in the UK.
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Dynamic Code’s Anne Kihlgren named Sweden’s most important female founder

Dynamic Code’s founder Anne Kihlgren has been named Sweden’s most important female founder in 2020 by DI Digital. This is the fourth year that DI Digital has created its list of both heavy-hitting veterans and innovative new upstarts, profiling women…

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Dynamic Code launches new Covid-19 antibody test that can be taken at home

Many individuals want to be tested for Covid-19 antibodies. For those who do not wish to go to a sampling centre, Dynamic Code is now launching a new option in Sweden: a test that can be taken at home and sent to a laboratory for expert analysis.

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